Sunday, 12 May 2013

Stamping on Candles

Hello friends,
Very excited to share the results of my trials to stamp on candles, this was my very first attempt & the outcome is so encouraging that I am definitely trying my hands at this again! Hope you like them too.

Some tea light candles, stamped & decorated with washi tapes. 

This candle was first colored with alcohol inks...........the butterfly is heat embossed.

There are plenty of tutorials available for stamping on candles but I will make a step wise tutorial & post it soon.
Thanks for stopping by..................please do share your thoughts & feel free to shoot your queries.


  1. This looks gorgeous.. I want to try this now.. wat inks u used?

  2. looks amazing Tanvi, I thought the wax would not be able to hold the colors !!

  3. Looks great Tanvi... I wonder how u did this stamping .... Will wait for ur tutorial...


  4. pretty! These would make such great gifts!

  5. Wow...grt attempt...looking so lovely....Congrats on ur win @ lessology..!!

  6. It looks Gorgeous Tanvi ..I love the colorful chevrons and the butterfly ..Did you first stamp it on wax paper before adhering it to the candle ..??

  7. So cool!I love the first and the second candles the most.How on earth did you manage such a nice impression on a curved surface.You need to enlighten all of us.:-)

  8. Lovely
    Would like to learn how to do can u link me to some tutorial


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